Frequent Asked Questions

Pedersen Academy is a social learning community dedicated to African pharmacists, technicians, students, and newcomers who want to learn about pharmacy. It has teachings from a western perspective (USA &Canada) where learners can integrate new skills with their pharmacy practice.

Pedersen Academy is designed for those in Africa. Pharmacists, students, and technicians will receive designed courses. Whether practicing or not there, will be useful material for those who want to continue to learn about pharmacy. The content will come from a variety of settings.

Newcomers are also welcome too. There will be pre-pharmacy courses for those who may be considering the pharmacy profession in the future.

Registration is free of charge. There are two options to register.

Option one: You can register with the listed social networks if you already have an account with any of them (i.e., Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).

Option two: You can register by using a username, email address and a password.


For more on our data policy, see our Privacy and Membership Policy pages.

We encourage newcomers to try free courses first before purchasing individual courses. With this approach, newcomers have the opportunity to see if they are satisfied with the Pedersen Academy courses.

There will be promotions throughout the year. Stay tuned for them.

Once you purchase a course at Pedersen Academy, you have unlimited access to the course with no time restriction. The courses are self-paced so that you can learn at your convenience.

At Pedersen Academy, you get immediate access to quality pharmacy content. New members are encouraged to try the free classes first to guide their learning. This approach will help new users determine whether they should purchase courses that have a fee.

There is no refund for any courses that were accessed, viewed, or partially completed. No refund is available after 14 days from the date of purchase. Submit your refund requests by using the Contact form or by email at

There is no time frame! Everything is self-paced. You can take courses whenever you are ready. Use your course archive list to guide your learning.

First, read the overview to see if the course meets your interest or needs. If so, make sure you are signed in to get access to the class. The class is either free or has a fee. Once signed in, take the class lesson located under the curriculum section. There may be a quiz at the end, which will test your knowledge or understanding of the materials. Once done, you can mark the class as completed.

There may be a quiz after each class. You must score above 85% to pass your examination. You can retake the exam as many times as you want(i.e., retake up to 999 times). Pedersen Academy believes in a high passing grade because, as health professioanls, we are dealing with human health. Pedersen Academy shoots for higher standards.

Moreover, Pedersen Academy strives to build confidence in its members.

This is pharmacy! You have to take care of patients. Pedersen Academy courses will cover various topics ranging from basic sciences to advanced classes in subjects not commonly seen. Some classes are there to help you build your skill sets so you can practice well. Other sessions included are introductory courses to new topics and refresher courses to review the essentials of the selected item. For the most part, there will be courses for everyone, whether you are a student, a technician, or a pharmacist. We know at Pedersen Academy people learn differently from one another, and we embrace these differences.

Pedersen Academy has classes on many topics. We are open to input from users. If you want a specific course or do not see a course you are looking for at Pedersen Academy, make a request. Just submit your request using the contact form with the following in the subject line: REQUEST-TOPIC NAME. We will review all requests, but Pedersen Academy makes no guarantee.

Pedersen Academy encourages users to take the courses poll as it helps in the development of future courses. You can find courses poll under "Services."

Yes, there will be opportunities for people to contribute to the development of courses. Only qualified individuals will be selected, and full credit will be given to those who add to the academy.

Yes, there will be compensation for people's contributions.

If you are not using the social network links to login, click on the "Lost your password" link on the Login page. Then enter your email address or user name. Click on "Reset Password." Check your email for the password reminder link. Click on the link in your email to reset your password.

Send your questions to us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please use the contact form below to submit your questions.

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